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Thank you for your interest. Please complete the below three steps before we can grant you access to the relevant investment opportunity. 

Suitability questionnaire

We are obliged by our regulator to qualify each of our investors to see if they are suitable for private market investments. Please complete the following questionnaire via the link below and get in touch with us if you have any questions or issues:

Provide Personal Details

Provide your personal details to us in the relevant form:

Provide KYC Documentation

We utilise SumSub, a certified KYC provider to help process your documentation to verify your identity and pass AML checks. You can upload your documents via their portal, which is accessible by scanning the below QR code or by clicking this link:

SumSub QR Code for Website.jfif

You can mix and match how you upload documents and your progress will be saved. For example, you can scan the above QR code on your phone to take a picture of your ID and click the above link on your computer to upload your proof of address.

Required Documents

Individual Investors​

  • Passport / ID and Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, dated within 3 months)

  • Bank Statement showing last 3 months of transactions - to be sent to us prior to you transferring funds to us.

Corporate investment entities

  • If an investor is investing through an entity, all UBOs of the entity above 25% will need to provide the above ID documents in the manner described. The investor will also need to provide the following company documents:

    • Certificate of incorporation or equivalent

    • Proof that company has not been struck off or is inactive

    • Proof of business and registered address.

    • Latest annual report / accounts (if available)

    • Evidence providing individual has authority to act on company's behalf.

Should you face any difficulties with uploading the documents onto SumSub, feel free to share them to instead

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