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Rethinking wealth generation

We are industry insiders that were not happy with the exclusiveness that private markets exhibited, with our mission to help individual investors access these funds and benefit from the same long term wealth generation that institutional investors get

Rush Hour

Our Story

“Wealth creation for our generation is not the same as it was for our parents, who were able to take advantage of low-risk high interest savings accounts with their banks. For us, investing via the stock and crypto markets feels more like speculation, so opening up the private markets, with its inherent low volatility through lack of trading, is essential to creating the patient long term form of saving that previous generations benefited from.”

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Our Experience

Mara's core team and senior advisers have worked for some of the world's largest private market investors and financial firms

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Core Team

Sasha Batica, CFA

Sasha oversees the commercial side of Mara's business, which involves identifying funds to for the Mara platform, promoting the Mara platform to investors, and managing the business generally. 

Sasha has over 10 years of experience in private markets spanning investments, investor relations, research, and commercial strategy. At Europa Capital, Sasha was involved in launching new private real estate funds and investor relations. Prior to that, Sasha advised institutional investors on the top private funds to invest with the Cambridge Associates and before that, managed the research operations at PEI, a private markets focused media company.

Sasha Batica, CFA

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Rauf Rehman, ACCA

Rauf oversees the operational side of Mara's business. This covers corporate and financial affairs, relationships with service providers, compliance and regulation, and the day to day running of the business. 

Rauf worked with Sasha at Europa Capital, a private real estate fund manager, where they saw the need to open up private funds to a broader range of investors. Rauf also worked at CBRE, Bain Capital and Nuveen performing fund and asset accounting roles. 

Rauf Rehman, ACCA

Co-Founder and

Chief Operating Officer

Co-Founder and

Chief Executive Officer

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Personal Track Records

The Mara team and its advisers have achieved the following in aggregate:

>$3.5 billion
of capital invested in private funds

>$2.5 billion
of capital raised for private funds

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