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Working with you to deliver frictionless access for your deals

Individual investor access for private markets is a highly complex area, but we are here to guide you along the right path

Let us be your go to structuring partner for private wealth

Read about the long term partnerships we have formed with clients

Mara goes beyond mere capital— we go above and beyond to make your structuring goals a success.

We can support all private market strategies, including traditional private equity, venture capital, private credit, infrastructure, real estate.

The benefits - Partnership Capital

Staff / Colleagues

Retention Capital

Widening the pool of staff that can invest in your fund is a great way to boost engagement, reduce turnover,  skin in the game, and in turn performance 

Family & Friends

Access Capital

Your network is a valuable source of intel and technical abilities, which your fund will benefit from for broadening access for these individuals

Advisers & Service Providers

Alignment Capital

Enabling your advisors to invest in your fund is a great way to boost loyalty and perhaps even benefit from preferential treatment over peers

Portfolio Company Executives

Reward Capital

Portfolio companies bear  thousands of potential investors for you to tap into, with their investment a great indicator of your value add in your conversations with institutional LPs

All in one Feeder as a Service solution

Our solutions can help private market fund managers reduce their minimum investment from millions to low thousands.

  • We handle the legal set up of a unique SPV for your fund so that individuals may be aggregated into LP on the target asset or fund's investor register.

  • Secure digital portal created in your branding that your investors will have access to view fund documentation, provide KYC info, and complete and sign our application form digitally

  • We perform KYC on each investor and work with your fund administration and legal teams so that they can rely on our checks

  • We engage with your investors throughout the onboarding process freeing up your time to focus on more meaningful activities

  • We share standard fund and deal reporting to all LPs by default and can produce individual NAV statements for an additional fee.

  • We manage capital calls, distributions, and the administration that comes with SPVs for your investors.

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