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Broadening fund managers' distribution channels

Don't miss out on retail investor capital. We recognise that these investors are much harder to deal with than larger institutional investors, so we make it easy for fund managers like you to accept them.



Feeder vehicle structuring and ongoing administration

Let us structure a feeder vehicle to serve as an aggregation tool for individual investors from both our networks to access your fund. Our platform serves as a digital interface for you to effectively outsource the administrative burden of dealing with these investors. 


Placement service

We will market the feeder vehicle through our distribution channels to help you raise additional capital from individual investors (Sophisticated / HNW) outside of your network. Through direct marketing efforts, referrals from Advocates, and in person events, we have exposure to over 9,500 potential investors.



Investor onboarding

Our platform onboarding includes strict assessment of an individual's asset base, income, experience and understanding of the risks associated with private investments, to determine if they are appropriate via applicable regulatory standards to invest in private funds. Prior to investment, we take responsibility for performing and maintaining KYC and AML checks.


Cash management

We handle cashflow administration on behalf of investors, handling drawdowns and distributions from investors and aggregating each into one single transaction for fund managers and investors. To manage liquidity, we call a minimum of 25% of capital at day 1 (more depending on the fund strategy) and agree periodic intervals thereafter for investors to provide the remaining capital. Our client services team proactively engages with investors ahead of each planned capital call to ensure that these are met.

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