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Helping you achieve passive long term growth and income through investing with private market fund managers

Our platform helps you build a diversified portfolio of

private fund stakes to generate passive long term wealth. 

We provide access to private investment opportunities vetted by our experienced team across private equity, venture capital, credit, real estate and infrastructure.

We personally invest in all funds on our platform to ensure that our interests are aligned with yours

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Venture Capital

Sector: automation

Target: >5x cash multiple


Venture Capital

Sector: diversified

Target: >11x cash multiple



Sector: diversified

Target: 2x cash multiple

Interested in getting exposure to another fund, strategy, or sector?

For clients seeking to invest larger sums of capital, we can survey the fund landscape and identify a fund in line with the strategy and sector you want.

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How we assess each fund manager

Track Record

Assessing a fund manager's past returns is an important part of our analysis of their investment opportunity. Rather than simply looking at how good these returns have been, we check how these returns were made - in other words, are the planned investments similar to how they have invested before? We also take a view on how likely the fund manager can achieve these returns again based on current conditions. 

The Mara team assesses each fund manager using a variety of techniques and methods. On the right are some of the main factors we consider.

The team is arguably one of the most important factors to consider, given that investing in private funds are long term relationships. We first look at the stability of the team and whether they are incentivised to stay together for the life of the fund. We also look at the quality of the team, and whether it is sufficient to continue to deliver returns consistent with their strong track record


The terms outlining the working relationship between investors and fund managers typically include fees, costs, and the responsibility of the fund manager to perform in line with its investment mandate. We ensure that these terms are market standard and that our investors are getting good value for money.

Fund Terms


We look at the market for the fund's strategy and take a view of how good the opportunity is in which the fund is aiming to capitalise on. This includes the sector, geography, portfolio construction, their ability to find deals, and plans to sell / exit their investment.

Build a diversified portfolio of fund stakes through our platform 

Use the tools on our platform to assess each opportunity, visualise your long term wealth target and allocate your savings consistently to achieve it

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Early exit

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If you are seeking to exit your investment early, we will aim to assist in matching you with a willing buyer through our platform, thus providing liquidity to a traditionally illiquid asset class

Mara Advocate Program

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Introduce an investor to Mara's funds and get a share of the fees earnt if they invest

Solutions for private fund managers too

Feeder structures which we create can be used by fund managers to accept a wider group of friends and family investors into their funds than they would usually accept; including industry professionals, portfolio executives, and junior employees 

What we are referring to as Alignment Capital, is a great way to strengthen relationships with these individuals and foster alignment of interests over the long term

If you are a fund manager and are seeking to help a wider group of your network invest in your fund through a low cost structure, get in touch:

  • What happens to my money after I subscribe to a fund?
    Investments into private funds are not like an investment into a stock, crypto asset or mutual fund, where your money is invested at day 1. Money is typically taken from investors by private fund managers when an investment is needed to be made via a process called a "capital call", in which a notification is sent to the investor requesting the required funding within a specific period. The minimum commitment is not taken from our investors at day 1, but rather taken over the investment period of the private fund, typically 4 years. Because we are acting on behalf of a large number of investors for the fund manager, we make this process easier by taking % of your capital at day 1 as a form of deposit, which sits in the feeder vehicle's bank account until it is required by the fund manager. We then request the remaining capital from you in subsequent periods.
  • How secure is my personal information on your platform?
    We take privacy very seriously and ensure that all data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. We will not sell your data on to any third parties. More information can be found on our "Privacy Policy" which will be shown to you for your review and acknowledgement during the quick onboarding process we ask you to complete before using our platform.
  • Who can make an investment on the platform?
    Our platform can be used by individual investors that meet the "Sophisticated Investor", "Hight Net Worth Investor" and Professional Investor classifications. As part of your registration process to our platform, we will give you a questionnaire to complete to verify which of these classifications you meet. The questionnaire has a number of questions that should take 5 minutes to complete, so please bear with us - we are obliged to give you this as per our own regulatory responsibilities. It is also essential for the Fund's own regulatory responsibilities that you meet these classifications.
  • How can I track the performance of my investments?
    Portfolios are updated every 3 months by fund managers, which is less frequent than investments in the listed equities sector which typically provides frequent market pricing. The Mara team will email you when we receive reporting information from the fund manager, which will include a personal account statement laying out your investment and the remaining amount of commitment left to fund.
  • What if I have any questions about the platform or its products?
    If you get stuck on any part of subscription process for private funds, please email us on to arrange a time to speak so that we can help you.
  • Is Mara regulated?
    Mara Invest Limited is an Appointed Representative of Talbot Capital Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 489839). The regulatory permissions granted to us by Talbot means that we are authorised to arrange deals and market to Qualified Investors: "Sophisticated"; "High Net Worth"; and "Professional".
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