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Mara's Secondary Market

We are committed to providing our clients with mechanisms for an early exit of their fund investments, providing liquidity to a traditionally illiquid asset class



Funds that have closed their doors to new investors will be advertised on our platform to gather interest from other investors wanting to access. Interested investors will notify the Mara team that they are interested in accessing a particular fund via our platform. Existing investors in that fund also notify us if they wish to exit that fund.


After considering the level of interest for investors wishing to exit and enter a particular fund, we match investors on both sides of the deal so that they can negotiate a sale through out platform. Fund stakes are priced at Net Asset Value, and a sale can be negotiated based on a percentage premium or discount to the Net Asset Value of an investor's fund stake.



After a pricing for the deal has been agreed with the seller and buyer of the fund stake, the Mara team will guide each investor to sign the necessary documents to execute the transfer of the fund stake between both parties. Liquidity do investors is not guaranteed for investors and is done on a best efforts basis considering the level of investor demand to come into funds that have closed.

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