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Who are the institutional investors we keep talking about?

We talk a lot about institutional investors on this platform, but who are they? They are pension funds, insurance companies, state owned investment vehicles (Sovereign Wealth Funds), university endowments, and charities.

99% of the $1.1 trillion assets currently managed by private markets fund managers comes from investors like these.

Our vision at Mara is to help individuals invest like institutions, which rely on private markets’ stable and above public market returns to fund pensions, insurance premiums, state services, education and charitable activities.

Below is a breakdown of the portfolio for The Wellcome Trust and how it has changed over the years, the UK’s largest private equity fund investor according to PEI, and ranking 26 in its Global Investor 100 ranking:

Breakdown of The Wellcome Trust’s Portfolio by Asset Class:

You can see that it allocates 39% to private Equity and Property. Individuals by comparison allocate under 5% to private market investments. The Welcome Trust increased its allocation to Private Markets significantly since 2005, and for good reason:

Private Equity returned 72.6% for the Trust in the 12 months up to September 2021, compared to 16.5% for Public Equities

Below are the top 10 private equity investors as surveyed by Private Equity International:

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