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Investment into Hollyport VIII completed for clients

We are pleased to have recently helped our clients access Hollyport Capital’s latest Secondaries fund, specialising in purchasing legacy fund stakes.

The fund is backed by some of the world's largest institutional investors investing $100s millions in some cases, with our investors able to access the fund with initial investments of $7.5k (total commitments of $25k).

Hollyport has developed a consistent strategy to acquire fund stakes from investors needing liquidity at discounts. It has become one of the dominant players in this niche space over the last 15 years and has delivered consistent above benchmark returns for investors:


  • Long track record – the team have invested over $2 billion in more than 1,900 fund stakes, with Hollyport's own funds consistently ranking as top quartile or above median performers by Cambridge Associate's benchmarks.

  • Low loss ratios – Hollyport’s funds to date have never lost investor capital with a very low % of their investments being valued below cost.

  • Solid team commitment - the team is investing large sums in the fund alongside investors to prove skin in the game.

  • Strong reputation - as one of the market leaders in acquiring legacy fund stakes from institutional investors, the team receives significant deal flow.

  • Positive target market that is growing rapidly – the number of legacy fund stakes has nearly doubled in 5 years, increasing market opportunity for Hollyport.

  • Attractive macro-environment – the current market turmoil is causing many investors to seek liquidity solutions, often selling their fund stakes at large discounts than usual, which is leading to an increased opportunity set for Hollyport.

We look forward to providing more great opportunities to clients in the near future.

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