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Opportunity to invest in x fund

Strategy: Private Equity 

Geography: Global

Minimum Ticket: £xk 

Target Return: 2.0x Net Multiple / 20% IRR

Domicile: Luxembourg

Fund Life: 10 years


X fund is a private equity fund, a specialised investment entity formed to capitalise on unique opportunities in the financial markets. Comprising contributions from a diverse group of investors, including high-net-worth individuals, institutions, and private equity firms, X serves as a vehicle for aggregating and deploying substantial capital in pursuit of substantial returns.


X's core mission revolves around identifying and investing in privately-held companies or assets. X pursues a strategic vision, aiming to maximize profitability over a predetermined investment horizon, which typically spans several years. X's raison d'être is to generate value, primarily by acquiring, restructuring, and eventually divesting these portfolio companies at a profit.



Long track record...

Strong team...

Market leading reputation...

Ability to source deals below market price...

Fund Documentation

Below you will find X Fund's pitchbook, Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA). Please read through these and one you are done, click on the link below to generate the application form for our SPV.

Provide us with documentation for KYC

We utilise SumSub, a certified KYC provider to help process your documentation to verify your identity and pass AML checks. You can upload your documents via their portal, which is accessible by scanning the below QR code or by clicking this link:

You can mix and match how you upload documents and your progress will be saved. For example, you can scan the above QR code on your phone to take a picture of your ID and click the above link on your computer to upload your proof of address.

Required Documents

Individual Investors

  • Passport / ID and Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, dated within 3 months)

Corporate investment entities

  • If an investor is investing through an entity, all UBOs of the entity above 25% will need to provide the above ID documents in the manner described. The investor will also need to provide the following company documents:

    • Certificate of incorporation or equivalent

    • Latest annual account, (if available)

    • Recent Articles of Association or equivalent

    • Directors’ register (if not mentioned in the evidence of registration)

    • Signed authorised signatory list (including signature specimen and powers)

    • Current shareholder register for the investor and each company in the structure

    • Structure diagram

    • Signed UBO declaration with the explanation of the source of fund.

Should you face any difficulties with uploading the documents onto SumSub, feel free to share them to instead

SumSub QR Code for Website.jfif

Sign up and invest now

Click one of the following forms if you are investing in your own name or via a personal investment vehicle or on behalf of a corporate

Any questions

Our client services team is on hand to answer any questions, get in touch at

or book a time to chat with us

Any questions

Our client services team is on hand to answer any questions, get in touch at

or book a time to chat with us

  • What happens to my money after I subscribe to a fund?
    Investments into private funds are not like an investment into a stock, crypto asset or mutual fund, where your money is invested at day 1. Money is typically taken from investors by private fund managers when an investment is needed to be made via a process called a "capital call", in which a notification is sent to the investor requesting the required funding within a specific period. The minimum commitment is not taken from our investors at day 1, but rather taken over the investment period of the private fund, typically 4 years. Because we are acting on behalf of a large number of investors for the fund manager, we make this process easier by taking % of your capital at day 1 as a form of deposit, which sits in the feeder vehicle's bank account until it is required by the fund manager. We then request the remaining capital from you in subsequent periods.
  • How secure is my personal information on your platform?
    We take privacy very seriously and ensure that all data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. We will not sell your data on to any third parties. More information can be found on our "Privacy Policy" which will be shown to you for your review and acknowledgement during the quick onboarding process we ask you to complete before using our platform.
  • Who can make an investment on the platform?
    Our platform can be used by individual investors that meet the "Sophisticated Investor", "Hight Net Worth Investor" and Professional Investor classifications. As part of your registration process to our platform, we will give you a questionnaire to complete to verify which of these classifications you meet. The questionnaire has a number of questions that should take 5 minutes to complete, so please bear with us - we are obliged to give you this as per our own regulatory responsibilities. It is also essential for the Fund's own regulatory responsibilities that you meet these classifications.
  • How can I track the performance of my investments?
    Portfolios are updated every 3 months by fund managers, which is less frequent than investments in the listed equities sector which typically provides frequent market pricing. The Mara team will email you when we receive reporting information from the fund manager, which will include a personal account statement laying out your investment and the remaining amount of commitment left to fund.
  • What if I have any questions about the platform or its products?
    If you get stuck on any part of subscription process for private funds, please email us on to arrange a time to speak so that we can help you.
  • Is Mara regulated?
    Mara Invest Limited is an Appointed Representative of Talbot Capital Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 489839). The regulatory permissions granted to us by Talbot means that we are authorised to arrange deals and market to Qualified Investors: "Sophisticated"; "High Net Worth"; and "Professional".
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