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Strategy: All private market strategies

Geography: Global

Fund Life: 10 years

Investment Period: 4 years

Minimum commitment: £25,000

SPV closing deadline: x

Mara Invest Fund


Mara is pioneering the retailisation / democratisation trend, by going further than other platforms to deliver individual access for private funds. Our low cost SPVs are a great way for private funds to effectively lower their minimum ticket from millions to thousands, whilst retaining the investor relationship and outsourcing all the regulatory and administrative headache to us. Mara was established by industry insiders from the private funds industry that were frustrated at their own lack of access, yet determined to disrupt the industry for the better. Mara is supported from influential private market professionals that share our vision and enthusiasm to deliver our outsourced private wealth solution to funds. 


We are private markets through and through:  our team has spent most of their careers in the private funds world, as fund investors, investor relations, fund accounting, and fund management professionals. We get the intricacies of private fund structures and the regulatory environment surrounding individual investor access and will take away the onboarding burden for you. 

Regulated solution: Mara has sufficient regulatory cover to operate in a compliant manner to deliver SPV solutions for you.

Keep the investor relationships without the administrative headache: we take care of investor qualification; KYC/AML checks; onboarding; cash management; and ongoing reporting, so you can onboard small ticket individual investors with ease.

Making your fund more accessible: use our SPV solution to bring in junior/mid level employees, portfolio company executives, friends, family, service providers, and many more. 


Sasha Batica
CEO, Co-founder
Rauf Rehman
COO, Co-founder

You can see the full biographies of each partner as well as the full Notion team in the following link

Key Terms

Key Fund Terms (your fund details here)

Legal Name: x

Jurisdiction and Fund Structure: x

Style: x

Management Fee: x

Carried Interest (profit share/performance fee to the fund manager): x

GP Commitment: x

Fund Term / Life: x

Mara SPV / Feeder Terms

Legal entity:  UK Nominee Ltd, also referred to as a "Bare Trust"

One off entry fee and establishment expenses:  investors pay 0.5% of committed capital

All in ongoing fees and expenses: annual fee of 0.3% based on committed capital

Tax Status:  Tax Transparent- no tax at the entity level but you will be charged local tax based on your jurisdiction

Capital Call / funding schedule:  provide the following as a % of your commitment as per the following schedule

  • x 2023: x% of your commitment

  • x 2024: x% of your commitment

  • x 2025: x% of your commitment

Fund Documentation

Below you will find Mara Invest Fund's pitchbook, Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA). Please read through these and one you are done, click on the link below to generate the application form for our SPV.

Provide us with documentation for KYC

We utilise SumSub, a certified KYC provider to help process your documentation to verify your identity and pass AML checks. You can upload your documents via their portal, which is accessible by scanning the below QR code or by clicking this link :

You can mix and match how you upload documents and your progress will be saved. For example, you can scan the above QR code on your phone to take a picture of your ID and click the above link on your computer to upload your proof of address.

Required Documents

Individual Investors​

  • Passport / ID and Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, dated within 3 months)

  • All documents need to be certified by a lawyer, notary or accountant in your local jurisdiction. Important that certification is done by a digital signature, otherwise original documents need to be posted.

Corporate investment entities

  • If an investor is investing through an entity, all UBOs of the entity above 25% will need to provide the above ID documents in the manner described. The investor will also need to provide the following company documents:

    • Certificate of incorporation or equivalent

    • Latest annual account, (if available)

    • Recent Articles of Association or equivalent

    • Directors’ register (if not mentioned in the evidence of registration)

    • Signed authorised signatory list (including signature specimen and powers)

    • Current shareholder register for the investor and each company in the structure

    • Structure diagram

    • Signed UBO declaration with the explanation of the source of fund.

Should you face any difficulties with uploading the documents onto SumSub, feel free to share them to instead

Click one of the following forms to generate the appropriate Application Form, whether you are investing in your own name or via a personal investment vehicle/on behalf of a corporate. Please also read the Nominee Agreement.

Sign up and invest now

Our client services team is on hand to answer any questions, get in touch at or book a time to chat with us

Any questions

Frequently asked questions

  • Mara Invest Limited is an appointed representative of Talbot Capital Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our profile on the FCA
    register can be found here. Mara Nominees Limited is a separate dormant administrative entity that will hold the shares of investors.

  • We can accept any investor jurisdiction that your fund has permissions to accept.

  • The Nominee is merely a legal entity to hold interests in your Fund on behalf of the investor, with no discretionary investment decisions being made for investors by us.
    As such, investors are making the decisions themselves to invest in the Master Fund and are not advised to do so by any investment manager. Additionally, the Nominee
    does not have an Investment Policy statement or an Investment Management Agreement between investors. All these factors deem the Nominee not to be an AIF.

  • Mara making a single commitment to the Fund on behalf of multiple underlying investors. This would result in your Fund’s administrator dealing with a single named LP,
    and providing a single capital account statement etc.

  • We conduct KYC on all investors. We are happy to share any KYC/AML information on each investor to save you doing the work, but other fund manager clients have
    been happy with us signing a “letter of comfort” attesting to us doing these checks appropriately and providing aggregated information on underlying investors.

    Our SPV also takes care of FATCA reporting on each underlying investor, so our SPVs can be an effective tool for you to effectively outsource this burdensome work to
    us to save you time and money.

  • We work with you to determine the appropriate capital call schedule for our investors in line with your forecasted deployment schedule. We may call 100% of investor
    capital at day 1 if you plan to invest over 1-2 years, or we may instead call 25% at day 1 if you have a steady deployment pace over 4 years.

  • If we have a drawdown structure, a side letter will be required to protect other investors in our SPV from any liabilities brought about by any one defaulting investor in the
    SPV. Typical LPAs treat the whole SPV entity as a defaulting investor even if only one investor happens to default. We have templated for this to share with your legal

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