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Individual investor solutions for private funds

The private wealth access trend is too big to ignore with many benefits and we are here to help you navigate it

Trusted by top tier private funds, independent sponsors...

...and their advisers

Fund of funds professional

" I know from my day job how complex the area of private funds is, particularly for non-institutional investors to access, but the Mara platform provided an easy way for me to sign up to a highly rated fund, with the Mara team very responsive to my questions pre and post investment ''

Ceo of a tech firm

'' The Mara platform provided an easy way for me to get access to a fund I know well, much simpler than investing directly into the fund. ''

Placement agent

" I'm convinced that private markets are the best means of saving for individuals and the Mara platform provided me a quick and easy means for me to get exposure, with the team always eager to help. The fund I invested in is performing above expectations too! “

Strategy Executive

“The Mara Invest team were able provide via their SPV platform a low-cost solution for our syndicated investment. The team also understands that compliance to regulations is of utmost importance and have a can-do attitude to solving challenges, which is very important in such a complex area. It has been enjoyable working them.”

Flexible solutions accommodative to a broad range of investors and jurisdictions

Investor Jurisdictions

Our flexible SPVs have been able to help investors from a broad range of jurisdictions invest into private funds and assets.

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, UAE, United Kingdom, USA.

Sponsor Jurisdiction

We have helped investors invest in a variety of globally recognisable

investment jurisdictions

Austria, Canada, Cayman Islands, British Virgin islands, Jersey, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, USA.

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When a fund manager makes its funds more accessible and inclusive to colleagues, portfolio company executives, industry friends, and service providers, the upside is not just more capital: the manager will capture an array of additional benefits, building valuable alignment, strengthening loyalty, and differentiating itself from peers.

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Private Funds


Use our SPVs to serve as a feeder vehicle for your network to invest in your private fund

Single Asset Deals


Use our SPVs to invest in single asset deals outside of a fund structure or part of a "warehousing" program



We help Investment clubs and syndicates structure their investments into private assets

Wealth Managers


Wealth mangers and advisers can use our platform to help their clients invest in private assets

Our flexible Feeder as a Service solutions have multiple use cases

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