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Solutions to make your fund more accessible and inclusive to individual investors

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Our Vision
Our solutions can help private market fund managers reduce their minimum investment from millions to low thousands

Legal SPV structuring


Administration / reporting

Banking / cash management

Cap table consolidation


Secure portal / dataroom

Marketing / webinar

Outsourced investor relations

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Fund managers should look closer to home for new investors
GPs can get some easy capital raising wins from providing access to individuals from their own network, that will bring a whole range of synergies beyond capital

Retention Capital

Staff / Colleagues

Access Capital

Friends & Family

Reward Capital

Portfolio Company Executives

Alignment Capital

Advisers & Service Providers

Structure validated by top tier funds and their advisers
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Our Vision

Having worked within private market firms, we were frustrated at not being able to invest in any of the great funds that we worked with.

We started Mara initially to invest capital for our friends and ourselves, but are now helping fund managers use our SPV infrastructure to broaden access to their own funds.

Quick Investor onboarding process
Smooth digital journey simplifying a traditionally paper based onboarding process






Complete Onboarding Questionnaire
View fund documentation and marketing materials
Provide documents for KYC/AML via digital portal
Complete and sign SPV application form digitally
Transfer cash to SPV bank account
Want to join our investment club?
Our investment club can access private funds for low thousands through the feeder vehicles that we create for funds.

Individuals should be working in and around the private markets industry. Think you fit the bill? Then complete our short onboarding questionnaire to join the club. 

High level information on our current and past funds are available in the link below.
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